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plane, wing, flight Freight E-Mail Updates For Consignee/Shipper 03 Consolidated air freight services 01 Import Export Custom Clearance 02 24/7 Customer Support waiting for you 04 Aircraft

Fastest Shipping Method

When you wish to move your goods quickly, there is no doubt that air freight is the faster, trumping sea or road transport by far.

Enhanced Safety

Another perk of air shipping is improved security. This form of freight ensures more minor damage or theft threat, ultimately making for a shipment method with a lower risk degree.

Arrival Reliability

Due to air transport services making it easier to track your shipment, sending your items via air freight will not cause a more significant delay.

No matter your cargo's size, type, and frequency, we have a service that fits your needs.


Reliability is higher with Air Freight Transportation Services.

Airfreight is the most suitable choice if you are looking for a cost-effective, efficient way to move your shipments. Freight consolidation is a highly efficient logistics strategy. With Air Freight, you can reduce delivery costs for small volume cargoes increase shipping options. Improve inventory control and even lower the chances of damage.


Here is a guide to air freight shipping, including when to use this freight mode, costs breakdown, and current pricing trends.
While the terminology of air freight shipping may be similar to ocean freight shipping, you should consider essential differences when it comes to charges: you have to calculate air freight shipment cost by the “chargeable weight.” The chargeable weight is calculated considering whichever value is more excellent: actual weight or volumetric weight. You should estimate Volumetric weight at 6000 cubic centimeters per kilogram. Therefore, dividing the cubic centimeter volume of a shipment (L x W x H) by 6000 will result in the volumetric weight.

Transportation Logistics freight forwarding

International & Domestic air freight transportation solutions.

We can accommodate your specialized freight requirements in addition to standard international and domestic air freight.

We will evaluate your required international transit time and make sure to provide you with the best solution for your air cargo needs with our Express, Standard Air, and Delayed Air Freight.

Charter Flights: Regardless of the size or weight of your air freight shipments, we can deliver your cargo worry-free to its final destination.

Time Critical: Because we understand some deliveries may be urgent, our time-critical air freight teams will make sure your shipment arrives safely and on time to the destination of your choice.

Hand Carry Logistics: REDB1RD will arrange domestic and international hand-carry cargo services for any air freight shipments that may be urgent or time-critical.

Temperature Controlled: For products in need of climate control, we can ensure temperature stability for your transport, using special temperature-controlled containers and closely monitoring the temperature.

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Reliable Air Freight Shipping

REDB1RD is a reliable air freight forwarder, as well as a broker.
By taking on the responsibility of your shipment as if it were our own, we help minimize your risk of liability for cargo loss, damage, or late arrival.
Using RED BIRD as your freight forwarder automatically means streamlining costs, as it cuts out the middle man (the broker), while our real-time tracking and personalized service make for a stress-free placing of shipment in someone else’s capable hands.

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